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Kohl’s Children Museum, Glenview, IL; 2011

Scope of Work:  The Kohl Children’s Museum hired Troop Contracting, Inc (Troop) to perform aesthetic repairs to the Waterworks Exhibit as well as install a custom durable wall surface treatment consistent for a water environment.

Prior to installing a specialized 3-coat epoxy wall surface with integral cove base, Troop handled the demolition and replacement of the existing perimeter walls, selective framing, and doors/frames.  This involved demolition of the drywall up to 8’-0” H; safely supporting, cutting & removing metal studs; and replacing all wall surfaces with new mold-resistant drywall.  Definable features of work included:

  • Specialized 3-coat epoxy wall treatment with integral cove base with unique pattern (Wave)
  • Plumbing disconnects and reconfigure
  • New framing and drywall
  • Painted adjacent surface with marine-grade epoxy paint
  • New door/frame
  • Grinded existing concrete floor and applied epoxy sealer
  • All labor to relocate all exhibits as required


Value:  $35,000

Team Value Add: Troop worked very closely with the owner to come up with a long-term specialized solution that met their operational, aesthetic and budgetary needs.

Client Reference: Curt Adams, Vice President of Facilities and Maintenance; cadams@kohlchildrensmuseum.org

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