Arlington Heights USARC Replace Heating Coil and Modify HVAC Control

  • 07/01/2015
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Scope of Work: Under current JOC program with the 88th Army Reserve, Troop Contracting replaced an existing 40 T YorkSplit System A/C Unit, which served AHU#3, with a high efficiency R410 unit. In addition to the replacement unit, an evaporation coil in AHU #3 was replaced, along with a comprehensive upgrade to existing HVAC controls to support the new unit.

Troop provided all hardware and software engineering, including start‐up, temperature controls, and programming/
commissioning of the complete system. Replacement of the existing Alerton APEX‐LT with Aleton BACnet Control Module
global connector was incorporated. A new PC, with required software, and printer were included in the final installation.
Definable features of work associated with the new R410 Unit:

    • Digital Compressor
    • Low ambient head pressure control
    • Air temperature sensor
    • Energy Management Module
    • Vibration isolation package
    • New DX piping
    • Single point power, non‐fused disconnect
    • Check valves
    • Start up and commissioning

Value: $252,000
Client Reference: Valerie Stevens, AFOS, 224.213.3170; Valerie.j.morrissey@ctr@mail.mil

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